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Spent Grain Bread – Invigorated


 [in-viguh-reyt]  Show IPA

verb (used with object), in·vig·or·at·ed, in·vig·or·at·ing.

to give vigor to; fill with life and energy; energize.


It’s pretty obvious that I adore beer and bread.  However, I always have a hard time combining the two in the kitchen.  When I make “beer bread” (the old ‘self-rising-flour-and-one-beer-method’), the crumb is off – it ends up being dense and the crust isn’t as crunchy as I’d like.  I haven’t tried putting bread in my beer and making kvass (I’m not ruling that one out) – but I never have enough leftover bread for a full batch of kvass!

Recently I’ve been reading more posts and discussion of spent grain bread – bread that uses the leftover grains from the brewing process.  As of right now I compost all my grains in the corner of our yard; however yesterday I decided to make another 2 -gallon pilot batch and use those grains to make some treats, the first being spent grain bread.


My basic method is tried and true – so I thought I’d use that as a base.  I used my standard leaven and fed it 6 hours prior to baking. IMG_7188

I didn’t want much tartness to this bread, I wanted the grain flavors to come though.

I pressed as much liquid out of the grain as I could, then ran 250g through the food processor to cut down on husks in the dough.  I also incorporated 50g of unprocessed grain to give the bread some roughage to it.  IMG_7190Because of the moisture contained in the grain, I lowered my water addition to 600g per 1000g of flour, rather than the normal 700g.IMG_7189

I measured out the water, grain, leaven, and stirred to combine those before adding the flour.


I then added 1000g of flour and mixed until incorporated.


After a 30 minute rest, I added 18g of salt and mixed it in by hand.

I folded the dough 2x over the next 3-4 hours.


I shaped the loaves twice, put them in their baskets and refrigerated overnight.


The next morning I pulled them out and let them sit for a couple hours prior to baking.  I placed them in, seam side down, and baked as per my usual method.

IMG_7199        IMG_7212


Oh, and the results?  Crunchier than usual crust, with a hint of grain in an excellent holy crumb.  Next time I’ll probably try 5-600g of spent grain, but this is a killer loaf.


IMG_7215    IMG_7218     IMG_7219


  1. Oh sweet baby, that does look amazing.

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