If you’re like me, you are probably into grilling/smoking meat as well as brewing.  Both are important to you – each for their own reasons.  With both hobbies (read: obsessions) it is imperative to be able to monitor temperature, the key being without opening whatever vessel you are dealing with.  Maybe you want to check your HLT, your mash tun, or be able to monitor when that pork shoulder hits 195F exactly!  Enter the ThermoWorks Two-Channel Thermocouple.


This dual probed device has changed the way I cook and made my brewing life much easier.  Like many readers, you’ve probably been through a probe or two throughout your cooking/brewing history.  I’ve never had one last as long as this probe: it’s reliable and easy to use.IMG_1628

You can read about all the features on their website [I despise over-lengthy reviews], but here are a few highlights and things I love about it.  The best, is the probes are fully submersible, as well as the cords.  This means you can dump the sensor of your choice right in your mash tun, and it swirls around as you stir, reading the temp throughout your mash.  The probes are long enough that you don’t need to worry about the location of the unit – 8ft in some cases!   It can read from -328 to 2372°F and has no more than a +/- of .02% rate of error at any degree and most of its range it is within a .01%.

In terms of response time, it’s not quite as fast as the Thermapen, but when I tested it in boiling water, each time it hit 212.6F in seven seconds.  Not too bad.

On the grill it performs great.  I use it regularly on my Big Green Egg and have enjoyed not having to open the Egg (a cardinal sin in the Egg-world) to ensure food is done.  It even is backlit for those overnight smoking sessions.  I use the secondary probe to clip on my grill grate to ensure the temp in the Egg is exactly what I want.  This secondary probe has an alligator clip, allowing it to clip onto any location in the Egg I would like.

There are only a few things I don’t care for.  First, I wish it had a better holder. You can buy them now, but my unit didn’t come with one.  Secondly, only one channel has an alarm on it.  Not a huge deal, but something I’d like to see.  Finally, like most ThermoWorks Products, the price is high at $200.  However, you really get what you pay for.

The Bottom Line. 

I love this probe.  It has a high AND low temp alarm.   If you can spot the cash, it makes your brewing and grilling life much easier.  Cheers!

Edit! I’ve had this probe since  it showed up under the Christmas Tree in 2012 (Full credit to my parents) – this review is based on LOTS of field work!


*I do not receive any kind of compensation/incentives for any product I review.